As you have probably discovered, insuring a teenage driver can be very expensive. Drivers under the age of 25 pose the greatest risk to insurers. Insurance companies try to limit their exposure by charging higher insurance rates for 16- to 24-year-olds than for any other age group.

The least expensive option would probably be to add your teenager to your existing auto insurance policy once he gets his learner’s permit. Although this can still be an expensive prospect, your teen might be able to take advantage of certain discounts as a driver on your policy (e.g., safe-driver and multiple-car discounts for which you are eligible).

We can help you determine your most cost-effective option. If you’re thinking about purchasing a used car for your teen, be prepared to tell us the make, model, VIN#, and year of the cars you’re considering. This way, we can give you accurate insurance quotes and help you decide whether to purchase separate insurance for your son or add him to your policy. Sometimes these quotes can even help you decide which car to purchase.

Many insurance companies issue automobile insurance, but finding the BEST policy for you can be challenging and time consuming. This is why people come to The Insurance Doctor – because we do the shopping for you through 40 different companies.

Remember that your profile will be a good fit for one of our companies. Our shopping helps you find the policy that’s right for you.

We compare premiums offered by 40 different companies and look for high customer service standards. The ability to pay a claim promptly will be important if you’re ever involved in an accident. And of course, we offer 24 hour claims service.

Finally, we understand insurance discounts and how you may be able to take advantage of them. You may benefit from multi-car and/or multi-driver discounts. You may receive a multiple policy discount if you purchase your auto insurance coverage through the same insurer that covers your motorcycle or boat insurance. An insurer may also offer you a discount if you have a safe driving record or have completed a driver’s education course.

Give us the chance to compare 40 companies and rates to ensure that you make the decision that’s right for you.

In most states, the department of motor vehicles has a “point” system, which is used to track and measure your driving record. Generally, each type of infraction (moving violations, parking tickets, at-fault accidents, driving under the influence, etc.) is assigned a certain point value. When you are found guilty of one of these infractions, the appropriate number of points is added to your driving record. The more points you have, the worse your record.

Typically, an auto insurance company has the right to review the driving record of anyone who applies for an auto insurance policy from that company.
There are two purposes for this initial review:

To determine whether you meet the insurer’s standards of insurability
To evaluate your risk potential (i.e., how much your insurance will cost).
Each insurance company has its own method of evaluating applicants. So the points on your driving record may have a direct impact on the rates you pay for auto insurance. This is one of the reasons why we shop among 40 different insurance companies and programs to find the best policy for you.

There are certain times when you can be relatively sure your insurance company will be checking your record. These include:

When you initially apply for coverage
When your policy comes up for renewal
If a review of your driving record uncovers negative information, your insurance rates may increase. Insurers typically have their own “point” system to calculate the increase (if any). Then we go to work for you to find you the lowest rate even with this negative information.

Lets talk about you for a minute – and what you deserve from people like us.

You want to save money… without spending your life learning the insurance business and shopping for the right policy. Research is our job. Leave that to us.

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You want to pay on your terms. Maybe in small monthly payments by direct bill or EFT. Maybe you would rather pay by credit card – or in cash? We give you the choice.

You don’t want to be haunted by a traffic violation from years ago. Most insurance companies review the last five years of your driving before they will insure you. We only review the last three years of your driving record.

You don’t want to deal with the insurance company. We do it for you.

You want immediate service when you need it the most. We offer 24 hour claim service.

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