We understand what it takes to get you and your teenager the lowest rate.

How to keep your premiums low with teen drivers

We know that finding the right auto insurance coverage at the best price can be difficult.

It can be a very exciting time in the life of a teenager when they obtain the freedom of driving a car. Unfortunately for parents it brings a sense of anxiety and a much larger car insurance premium. The reason why you see your premium jump up when you add your teenager to your insurance plan is because the number one death in America for ages 15-19 is car accidents. Because of this insurance companies see teenagers as a higher liability.

Insurance Doctor of Virginia and North Carolina has been providing auto, motorcycle, renter, homeowner, and commercial insurance policies for over 25 years. We understand what it takes to get you and your teenager the lowest rate. But is there a way to lower your high premiums? In Virginia and North Carolina you can take advantage of many different options to achieve a lower premium.

Great ways for you to save money on your premium in Virginia and North Carolina with a teenage driver

Academic Discount

One way you can get a discount on your teenager’s car insurance is by their academic performance. A lot of insurance companies provide discounts for full time high school or college students that meet certain academic benchmarks.

Driving Classes

Another way to lower your premium is by encouraging your teen to take additional driving classes. By taking additional vehicle safety courses, your son or daughter will not only lower your premium, but they will also become a safer driver. The more safe of a driver your teen is the less money you will have to pay for repairs, insurance, and most importantly – your child will be safer from injury or death.

Temporarily Remove Teen from Policy

If your teenager has graduated high school and is going off to college then you may be able to temporarily remove them from the policy while they are attending university. There are certain requirements to these types of policies – but if your child is not operating a vehicle while attending college then this is a great way to save on your premium.

Choose the Right Car

When it comes to purchasing your teen’s first car, look at the options of new versus used cars. While a newer car will have more safety features, it may raise your premium higher than a used vehicle. It is important to talk with your insurance agent to find the best option for your teenager.

Vehicle Monitoring Technology

One final way to save money on your premium is by taking advantage of new monitoring technology. Many different insurance companies have the ability to monitor your teens driving habits; including miles driven, how fast they travel, and how often they hit the brakes hard. Depending on the driving habits of your son or daughter you could see large savings on your premium.

If you are interested in saving up to 50% on your car insurance, then take a few minutes and fill out our free online quote. If you have more questions about ways to save on your auto insurance then one of our local Insurance Doctor Representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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