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At Insurance Doctor of North Carolina, we’re proud to provide the Tarheel State with reliable, customized renters insurance. Even though you’re renting, it’s still important to protect your personal space and keep your belongings safe. Insurance Doctor’s team of insurance experts know what it takes to create comprehensive coverage for renters throughout the state, from the Outer Banks to Charlotte. We help you rent with confidence.

Renters across North Carolina trust Insurance Doctor of North Carolina to keep their rented homes and apartments secure. Discover more about our affordable quotes, and remember, the best time to get renters insurance is before you need it. Let Insurance Doctor of North Carolina help you safeguard your most cherished belongings. Contact us or give us a call now at  (919) 872-8828.

Liability Coverage

It’s important to be prepared for any accidents that could happen. Unfortunately, the possibility exists that someone could get injured at your rental property or you may cause damage to someone else’s belongings. This can become very expensive if you aren’t covered. Most North Carolina renters insurance policies include liability coverage, which will help protect you financially if you are found to be at fault for an accident.

Protect Your Belongings from Fire, Theft, and Vandalism

In short, North Carolina renters insurance safeguards your furniture, electronics, clothing, and other items in the event of covered incidents like fire, theft, vandalism, and water damage. Your landlord or property management company will have an insurance policy on the building, but it won’t cover your personal belongings. In fact, many landlords require their tenants to hold current renters insurance policies. It’s just a smart decision.

Temporary Living Expenses

Some covered events, like fire and water damage, may render your rented home or apartment uninhabitable. Renters insurance will help cover the cost of temporary living arrangements, such as hotel stays, so that you have a place to stay while your rental is being repaired.

FAQ: North Carolina Renters Insurance Explained

In short, renters insurance provides helps to protect those living in rented homes and apartments from financial loss in the event of an accident or unexpected incident, like fire, water damage, and theft. It provides coverage for personal belongings, liability protection if an accident should happen at your rental, and assistance with living expenses if your rental becomes uninhabitable.

As a rule, most North Carolina renters insurance policies include:

  • Personal property coverage in the event of a covered loss, like fire and water damage
  • Liability coverage to help with legal and medical expenses if you are at fault for an accident
  • Assistance with temporary living expenses if a covered loss renders your rented home or apartment uninhabitable

No. Your renters insurance policy only covers your belongings. Although some carriers allow for joint policies if renters are related or in a domestic partnership, your roommate should get their own policy.

That depends on the value of your personal belongings, as well as any potential risks you might think should be included in your liability coverage. Our experts will help you determine the right amount of coverage for your needs.

North Carolina doesn’t require renters insurance, but many landlords ask that tenants keep a current policy. Even if your landlord doesn’t have that requirement, protecting your assets is always a good idea.

If finances are an issue, our insurance experts will help you craft a policy with a lower premium. We often do this by bundling your renters insurance policy with another policy, like auto insurance. 

Most renters insurance policies will not cover damage caused by floods, earthquakes, or intentional acts. While earthquakes aren’t often a problem in North Carolina, many areas along the coast are at risk for flooding, especially during hurricane season. If this is something you’re concerned about, talk to your Insurance Doctor expert about add-on coverage. 

In most cases, yes! Renters insurance is usually portable. Just make sure to update your policy with your new address when you move.

When a covered incident occurs, contact us as soon as possible to start the claims process. We understand that you’re likely to be under a lot of stress during the claims process, and we will help walk you through all the information we’ll need to support your claim.


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